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Transparency. Experience. Drive.

Our founder learned the hard way that most companies focus only on the bottom line and not what is best for the people she employs or the clients she serves. When she started Finsuite, she decided to do things differently...A LOT differently! Scroll down to learn more on how we're changing the game for the finance and tech industries.

All Hands In


Transparent pricing and pay is at the heart of what sets Finsuite apart from the crowd.  For decades, the consulting industry has talked about moving away from hourly billing structures.  Fixed fee pricing is common in Federal government contracts, and now it is available to you too.  We fully bear the risk of planning and staffing our engagements appropriately.


For our clients, this means flat fee pricing with no unexpected overages. Before you even sign a monthly contract, you know what you'll pay, when it's due, and how often it's up for review. No surprises, ever. 

For our team members, we start with transparent pay. We believe in paying people with the same title the same base salary, and that executives should not make hundreds of times more than the lowest paid staff.

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Telling the truth is a fundamental value that many have lost sight of in our modern age.  The pursuit of truth is an age-old value that many great civilizations have been built on.  We believe that great companies are built on this principle too.


We value honesty in our communication, operations, and reporting.  Telling the truth builds trust, and trust builds loyalty, strong teams, and communities.


High quality service and deliverables are the product of keen professional judgment.  The quality of our service comes down to the hundreds of small decisions made in the day to day.  Good judgement reduces risk and is essential to building your trust in us.


Ensuring the best quality for our clients means we prioritize continuous learning opportunities for our team and base our hiring on competency and merit. 

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Everyone needs balance in life. A healthy team is a well -rested, fulfilled, and alert team comprised of individuals that are able to spend quality time with family and friends and be engaged with their local communities and causes.


We work with our clients to set reasonable deadlines and expectations to minimize or eliminate the need for excessive periods of long hours and provide down time for our team to recharge.  


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