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Amber Welch

Founder, CEO

Amber Welch is the Co-Founder & CEO of Finsuite Consulting. Following two decades of CFO & COO experience, Amber launched the HackHERZ podcast in June of 2023, with the focus on speaking with marginalized groups in Web3 to bring awareness to their contributions and educate those who want to learn. Within the Web3 ecosystem she is known as a game-changer who refuses to 'fit in the box' but rather prefers to blow it up.
Graduating Magna Cum Laude with dual degrees in Accounting/Finance and Computer Information Science, Amber developed a deep knowledge and passion for how finance and technology intersect. Over the course of her career, she worked as an auditor in the public sector and as a global manager at a Fortune 200 company helping oversee 56 Billion in revenues. With experience in customer success, implementation, marketing, revenue, finance, and essentially every other area of running a start-up, Amber believes that the best way to grow Web3 adoption, is by putting her clients before her bottom line-unheard of in the service industry. Holding multiple certifications related to the Web3 space, Amber prioritizes continuing education and equally values the opportunities to learn and share her knowledge. Amber spends her free time educating through speaking engagements, reading, working out, and outdoors with her family.

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