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Fatima Alam

Fatima is a distinguished Product Leader, serial entrepreneur, and expert in startup fundraising, with a proven track record of success across VR, Web3, and cybersecurity sectors. Her career is highlighted by her tenure as Head of Product Strategy at a major SaaS company, where she led significant initiatives in product development, strategy, and mergers and acquisitions, driving forward the company’s innovation agenda.

As a founder, Fatima has demonstrated exceptional ability in securing investments, having successfully pitched at SXSW and to leading investors at Google and Microsoft, alongside securing angel investments. Her extensive experience as both an investor and entrepreneur equips her with unique insights into the startup investment process, particularly for early-stage companies leveraging emerging technologies.

In her role as a fundraising advisor, Fatima offers unparalleled strategic guidance to startups, drawing on her deep understanding of the tech landscape and investment dynamics to help them navigate the complexities of fundraising and accelerate their growth trajectory.

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