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Pay Transparency

Everyone deserves transparency, honesty, quality, and balance.  Good business eliminates pay gaps and inequality among employees at the same rank.  Our base pay rates are above industry standard and Finsuite’s executive base salary is capped at 3x the lowest paid employee . This means that if the executives give themselves a pay raise, we must match that for all levels of the organization.  When the business does well, everyone is rewarded.

Our employees know they are valued, treated fairly, and that the executives are not draining funds to live lavishly at the expense of hard-working staff.  This is how we live our values.  All employees are eligible for signing bonuses, annual bonuses, and expense reimbursement in addition to the standard benefits package.  Part-time employees & contractors receive an hourly pay rate equivalent to their rank.

What Roles Do We Have?

Image by Thom Milkovic


Controller Services


Operational Services


Fractional CFO Services


Web3 Expert - Other Area


Executive Roles



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