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Origin Story of a New Breed of Finance...

At an interview our founder was told that she couldn't be considered...not because she wasn't qualified, she was over-qualified, but because she had 'founder energy'. Amber Welch spent her life always feeling like she didn't quite fit in the box, no matter where she worked, and this comment set in motion the wheel of decision that would ultimately change the entire course of her future.

Rather than provide a long, detailed autobiography of accomplishments, let me instead explain why our founder decided to essentially take everything other businesses have done and blow it up. It's a far more interesting story, and will leaving you asking how quickly can you work with Finsuite.

If you want to hear the full story of how our founder went from that comment at an interview to establishing Finsuite Consulting Group, grab time with her for a consultation, but let's dive into the FOUR pillars of our CORE Values, because that is what makes us NOT another consulting group.

Transparency, Honesty, Quality, and Balance. At a glance these seem pretty on-brand with most companies, and most likely wouldn't give anyone pause to think otherwise. It's not the words themselves that are so unique, but the application of them that will change the game.

Our founder has always hated the level of vagueness surrounding things like pay, promotions, client success, and inclusion. Most companies mean well-enough, but upon execution they fail miserably and offer up only lip-service. That is where we are doing things very, very differently.

At the heart of everything we do is our first pillar, TRANSPARENCY. From the very top down, we believe that every action, every tasks, and every statement we make should come from a transparent place. Our founder believes this so fully that she promised full transparency at every step in this company, starting with pay. She believes that people are more than the sum of their parts so she doesn't hire based on just a person's CV, but rather based on the person themselves. Skills can be taught easily enough, morals and work ethics not as easily. So we start with fully transparent pay rates for each level within our company when we hire. This means that there isn't any of that 'keep it to yourself' bullshit you find other places. If you are an associate, you will know that all associates make the same thing as you, and we don't keep the different levels of pay hush-hush either, because knowing what you're working towards is more powerful.

The next pillar of our values is HONESTY. This one should be simple, but the unfortunate truth is that too many times at other places our founder would hear the team say one thing to a client and another internally. Well, not here. We speak with kindness but we speak with honesty. This means our team members get feedback that helps them grow, and our clients know the truth when we run into issues or if something else causes a hiccup along the way. We believe this builds a long-lasting relationship with trust first, and those are the types of relationships we like.

QUALITY is our third pillar of values, and a big part of what sets us apart from our peers. There are a lot of accounting options in the world, but there are not a lot of accounting options with deep knowledge and real-life experience in the Web3 space. Our founder holds two degrees, one in Computer Science and one in Accounting. She spends her personal time teaching others about the technology and involved in the ecosystem. This means that she is focused on staying up to date with the nearly constant changes in regulation, guidance, and risk assessment for clients. This also means, she keeps the team up to date with knowledge too, giving our clients the best in class option for support.

Our last pillar is BALANCE, and its an important one. It's also another way we're blowing the lid off the TradFi space because life is too short to not truly have balance. Far too many companies say you have unlimited time off, or holidays, or balance then expect you to perform miracles and work long hours. We are not most companies and we expect only that our team respects us mutually in all we do through our other pillars. In that vein of caring we believe in honoring as many public holidays as paid as possible, and offering self-guided time off (aka unlimited). We believe when you care about others first ahead of yourself, they will be more likely to care about themselves too. While it sounds counter-productive our goal is to create such an amazing place to work that it not only doesn't feel like work at all, but our team never wants to leave!

So as you can see, between the methodology, values, and belief that selflessness should be the goal in everything we do, our founder and therefore our company operates A LOT differently than others. We put inclusion, equity, and care into every decision in the hope that it will build long-lasting business relationships (and just friendships) with the clients and team members we work with. We don't have competitors, we have friends who happen to do the same job for a different company!

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