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What is Full Transparency Anyway?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

So you might have noticed in talking with me, checking out the site, or some other word of mouth, that we do things very differently around here.

That is by design, not accident.

In my time in FinTech, consulting, and Web3 I kept seeing the same issue at every company offering these types of services...they were serving themselves and not fully considering the client/projects needs. The problem with that, is Web3 isn't every other type of work and needs a different approach for a number of reasons.

Now I'm not shaming my competitors, not by a long shot, and a lot of them are my dearest friends, whom I regularly refer business to! What I'm saying is there are multiple ways to address the needs of our community and support projects, and this, my friends, is the way I have identified that is right for MY company to operate. Now, if I were you, right about now is when I'd be asking why someone would want to put the client and project ahead of making massively more money. So let me explain my theories and beliefs.

Have you ever stopped to consider what your purpose in life is? Maybe not, but when I lost my dad just before his 52nd birthday to a rapid fight with cancer, I started spending a lot of my mental time thinking about my legacy and footprint in this life. What type of person was I? Did I do things that would impact the world in a positive way? What would be the lessons my kids learned from my actions?

All of that led me to my sole focus, which is removing 'self' from, well, myself. Not to say I don't consider my needs, or live in a van down by the river, but I do strive to put others ahead of myself in all ways I am able. And, while a lot of people might find this insane, it has been the most rewarding path I've ever taken. I have found that when you are focused on other's needs first, the universe truly does provide you what you need. NEED being the key word there.

So let me explain my theory, now that you've lived through the ramblings of 'why'.

  1. Web3 has a PR problem. That is to say, we get a lot of flack from the mass media, but seldom is anyone really focused on highlighting the massive amounts of positive impacts that various projects are making in our world. Whether its access to some need, such as currency in hyper-inflated countries, or providing marketplaces for others to find a good they wouldn't otherwise be able to access, Web3 is good. I hope to help the mission of bringing more awareness to this good through supporting projects that might not have access to these types of services otherwise.

  2. Small projects, especially, need support. Oftentimes smaller, or early-growth, companies (think pre-Series A) don't get the opportunity to have access to resources like this because they're priced out of that need. I'm hoping to help these companies set things off the right way. If they are good in these areas of operating and accounting, then they will have a better runway, a more reasonable chance of success, and of future fundraising. I do still have large clients and mid-size as well, but this area matters!

  3. Flat fee pricing matters. While hourly billed rates do make a lot of sense for many, for the companies in Web3, especially these smaller ones, they're either bootstrapping or operating on a very tight runway, and having a stable amount month-to-month they can count on makes one hell of a difference. It's not the fault of the client if I do my job poorly at quoting their needs. They shouldn't have to feel that pain at an unexpected invoice. This provides stability in an area they need it, and build a long-term relationship beyond just business.

  4. It's just good business. I'm a firm believer that by offering a leg-up to marginalized groups (offering discounted pricing for companies founded by these groups) that it supports a more inclusive and better future for the planet. I also believe that supporting the ecosystem in the small ways I am, will ultimately create more trusting and long-lasting relationships. I'd rather be honest than make a few more dollars.

If you've stuck around this long, you've earned it to understand our pricing (*subject to change), so below is our 1-Pager of pricing. Again, FULL TRANSPARENCY, no gimmicks, just good and honest relationships that support the overall goals of the tech! If this sounds like your style too, then reach out for a free intro meeting!

Finsuite Pricing Sheet
Download PDF • 1.01MB

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