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CX Analysis Pricing

You can select to have a 10,000 foot view or a deeper dive with the options below:


A high-level CX roadmap evaluation offers a strategic initiative to review how an organization approaches customer interactions, revising current process documents and conducting a comprehensive assessment of the existing CX landscape. This process incorporates interview sessions, a customer journey mapping exercise, and a brief technology assessment. 

Deeper Dive
Starting at $3,200

In-depth analysis of all current customer touchpoints is conducted, utilizing stakeholder interviews, surveys, and data analytics, with findings meticulously documented. Journey mapping, gap analysis, and training are tailored to specific roles. The technology assessment includes a detailed examination of CRM systems and analytics tools. Continuous monitoring and proactive adjustments to the CX roadmap, ensuring sustained excellence in customer experiences to enhance overall business performance.

Vaishali High res_edited.jpg

Vaishali Dailani

A seasoned strategy-driven customer experience professional, Vaishali boasts an impressive career spanning over 8 years, marked by her relentless commitment to revolutionizing customer interactions in the digital age.

In 2023, Vaishali secured the impressive rank of #11 Top CX Professional globally, as recognized by CXM. Vaishali has successfully implemented customer-centric strategies, yielding measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and operational efficiency across various industries.
In 2022, she was singularly recognized as the CXPA's emerging leader in the Middle East, showcasing her unwavering commitment to continuous learning and professional development within the realm of customer experience. Her proactive approach involves staying abreast of industry trends, embracing innovative technologies, and adopting new methodologies to ensure her strategies remain at the forefront of the field.
Her focus on creating meaningful connections and her experience-centric approach consistently drive positive business outcomes, setting her apart as a visionary leader in the dynamic world of customer experience

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